Jan. 5th, 2008

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I'm so incredibly lazy. I have a pile of things that I ought to apply for, laundry to wash/fold/put away, a desperate need to clean my room (and go through all of my drawers and such to find out just how much crap I can throw away/give away/sell before I move to wherever), a computer to transfer files off of, preparations to make for next semester's classes, people to go visit and return stuff to and yet I can't manage to finish any of it.

A lot of this would be so much easier if I didn't have so much random crap. Where did all of this stuff come from? Why do I still have a fountain in my closet? Why did I even agree to put the fountain in my closet in the first place? And what the devil am I going to do with it in any event?

I also need to work on fixing my sleeping schedule. I altered it more than I usually do to better avoid my family. I don't really mind being nocturnal; but it makes it a little difficult to get certain things done. The bank, for some strange reason, is not open at two in the morning. That and school starts in a week and having to go into work at the same time I usually go to bed seems like a bad way to start off my last semester.

Ugh, I should go and try to do something productive now. May I not be distracted by something shiny along the way.
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If someone were to offer me a choice between cake or death right now I think I'd have to choose the 'or death'. I hate cleaning and going through papers I should have pitched years ago. Why do I still have notes from Freshman English? It's not as though I learned anything in that class.

I need to finish quite a bit of my cleaning tonight too, as my cleaning method of choice is to move everything that needs to be sorted and put away somewhere on my bed(the only flat surface of my room that I need to keep relatively free of books) where I sort it into piles that are moved from the floor to the bed to the floor as things slowly make their way to where they are supposed to go in between all the relocating. Right now the entire contents of my large bookshelf is sitting on my bed waiting to be sorted by topic, author, series and publication date so I can play Tetris with it in a vain attempt to get it to actually fit on my bookshelf. I think my books are breeding because I don't remember having this many.

I hate winter break. It's far too long and I think I'm going crazy shut up in a house with my sister. I miss having work to do and going places that are outside of this house. I miss my Flag family. I think I'm going to have to go bother some of the ones that have made it back to town and have a bad movie night. Everyone needs a bit more Fantasy Mission Force in their lives, right?


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