Feb. 12th, 2008

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I cannot write a personal statement that does not make me sound like a pompous git. I'm almost sure that it is impossible. It's also difficult to write a personal statement that doesn't sound like I'm lying through my teeth. Regardless of my random lurve of linguistics and languages writing it all out makes me sound Mary Sue-ish. I supposed I need it to make up for my utter lack of teaching experience but, but oy! I know I can fake personable fairly well (if I have too, I guess) and that I can come across with a good strong voice, that I'm able to write well when I'm not doing the unedited stream of consciousness bit that I write here but I'm still really nervous about it. I suppose I'll tweak it a bit more, give up, print the thing out and send it off. The worst that

Gah, I really hate it when my superiority and inferiority complexes collide like this. Neither one wins, I end up an emo little wreck, and apathy/procrastination generally take over until the looming deadline(s) make me do something. At this point both my complexes are happy because my inferiority complex can tell me what a horrible person I am for putting stuff off and my superiority complex is busy in delighting in the fact that even though I wrote my umpty billion and one page research paper in three hours the day it was due I'm still going to get an 'A' on it.


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