Feb. 13th, 2008

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I hate filling out applications for things. I keep running across proof that the people who design them are really, really stupid. Take this (poor because I don't know any fancy html) rendering of a chart that I'm supposed to fill out:

Identify and accurately evaluate your proficiency in languages other than English
languages: Advanced Intermediate Introductory Institution Grade Dates(mm/yy)

The only thing that is missing is the dividing line that goes between Introductory and Institution. Everything else is spaced accurately. I don't think I need to go into the many reasons why this is a stupid way to rank proficiency in one language, let alone multiple languages. If I actually had the ability to speak decent Spanish or more than rudimentary French I think I'd be more annoyed at the stupid form.

The form also persists in asking me to give them the same information over and over and over again. I'm not sure if they're checking to see if someone will screw up, or if they're just really bad at designing application forms. I vote we move over to some sort of standard template for these things, something that was designed by someone with an ounce of sense and doesn't provide a blank that is the same size as the one asking for your name to ask "Proposed direction of current of future profession and its relationship to the Teach Abroad Program?:[sic]"

I finally managed to write a personal statement that only sorta sucks and now I'm actually debating finishing the application process because of the sheer amount of stupid they want me to go through. Fill out this form in triplicate! Send us three copies of your resume! Answer the same questions over and over again so we can see if you were paying attention the first twenty times we asked! I know applying for jobs almost always goes something like this and that it's worse when you're applying for a government position but I'm still very, very annoyed. I wish I knew if any of the grad schools I applied to are even going to accept me instead of going, "bwa, ha ha ha no!" so that I wouldn't be in this stupid state of limbo.

I want either a job offer or an acceptance letter. I suppose if I get neither I could move to Canada with Erin and Cat anyway and look for a job there but I don't want to be stuck in a position where I have college loans to pay off and no job. I want even less to be in a position where going to live with any of my family members looks tempting, or even enters my mind as a realistic possibility. I'm probably worried too much about this. Having no definite plan really sucks.

I'd also like to note that it smells like death in the hallway right outside the computer lab. This particular scent is not uncommon to the central girls' hall but this is the first time it has migrated this far. I cannot breathe. The lack of oxygen and the smell are making me all lightheaded and queasy, feelings that I fervently hope go away when I have to walk home tonight because I don't want to deal with passing out on the way there. Though I suppose if I do keel over and don't seriously injure myself I might be able to get Amy or Mike to come fetch me. Though I really ought to put the number of a cab company in my phone just in case I have to call for one somewhere that lacks internet.


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