Feb. 28th, 2008

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Hmmm, I seem to have a 10% off coupon for things that glow. Must resist urge to spend money. Though having bright, shiny glowy things with me while walking home might make it easier to see . . .
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Dear students who frequent the computer lab-

Every time you sit down to use a computer that is no longer in the building I laugh at you. If you choose to ignore me when I tell you that the reason the computer isn't working is because there is, in fact, no computer where you are sitting I will laugh out loud at you.

Dear idiot who reminds me why I hate group work-

Learn which way is north. Develop the (un?)common sense to be able to figure out that North Campus is (gasp)to the north of South Campus therefore the doors on the same side as north campus are on the north side of the building. I mean, really, this ought to be inherently obvious. Or at least figure out that while in Flagstaff, if you're facing the mountain you're also facing north. Mountain=north.

So when I (after almost completely giving up on directing you to a door) in accordance with your wish to use the main door of the building that is by the lobby direct you to the north central door of Tinsley, the door that directly faces Cowden hall and is right smack dab in the middle of the building and you indicate some comprehension of this you do not show up at the southeast entrance. I won't be waiting to let you in there.

Do not call me, pissed that I'm not standing right next to a door that wasn't the agreed meeting place demanding that I be there. Do not, when asked where you are respond with "I don't know there's like nothing here, you know? I'm at the door!" and when questioned further about which door on what side of the building respond with "I don't know, the left side?" I shouldn't have to tell you this, you being in college and all that, but your right and your left are not necessarily the same as my right and my left as they are relative to whatever direction you happen to be facing making them really lousy direction for people who cannot see what direction you are currently facing. Is it really that hard to navigate by cardinal directions? Or possibly landmarks? You could have just as easily told me that you were standing by the door across from Wilson and by the Tinsley parking lot and I would have understood.

Dear co-worker who seems to think I'm just out to ruin your life because I insist on following lab policy in my computer lab-

Go roast in a blazing inferno. Seriously. I finally got you to stop unlocking and propping open the security door that is supposed to remain shut at all times. Now you insist on taping the lock of the main door to the lab so that when it swings shut the lock won't catch and as with the unlocked security door it is possible to enter the lab (even when it isn't open) without a doorcode. No. No, no, no. Don't do this! I know we no longer have a handy door prop because it has wandered off somewhere but it is still possible to hold the door open with other objects like the trash can or a handy chair do not tell me that there is no other way to keep the door open. You must think I'm really stupid if you expect me to believe that, or even that you believe that.

I don't really want to engage in a power struggle with you (I'll win 'cause I'm technically your boss, even if I do happen to possess my own set of boobs). Especially if it is over something so petty and stupid. Please stop acting like the tiny little girl can't possibly know what the fuck she is talking about and should just go play with her adorable little dollies and leave the thinking and the computers to the intelligent, upstanding, manly, army-dude. Because if you keep it up my rapidly dwindling patience will run out and I will be forced to make you regret it. ::smile, smile::

EDIT- Addendum to the idiot who reminds me why I hate group work-
When you pick a particular meeting time and place because you want to practice the dialogue before class show up at the place you picked. I was waiting downstairs in the language lab like you asked me to while you were cooling your heels outside the classroom. Yes, I could have decided to check there sometime prior to heading to the classroom to preform my half of the conversation but I figured, judging by your behavior during most of the project, that you were just really late.
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My drawing style is apparently 40's pinup meets manga. It's not something I would have come up with on my own but I kind of like the vague idea of it despite the fact that describing it thusly ignores the many varied styles of the manga-ka and also the fact that it doesn't really look anything like a merging of the two. Perhaps if I started doodling characters in more suggestive poses . . .My classmates are also a bit bewildered by the fact that I am not majoring in art.

Also, this post would be better with pictures. Remind me to use the school's scanners for evil and do a things Amber doodled during class dump one of these days.


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