Mar. 7th, 2008

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.... but testimony was perfectly good evidence before. I'm confused, did they have to go and create a ton of problems in their insane legal system just to make Phoenix a hobo? Also, Apollo is still a moron and I can prove it with evidence. Just like I could prove the entire case with evidence before he'd let me.

I really don't like case 4-3. It's nowhere near as tightly plotted as the other cases in the series and even ignores some of the precedents set in earlier cases--just so the legal system can be well and truly screwed up--I remember, vaguely, one of the Phoenix Wright games having a bit of dialogue that went something like "I may not have all the evidence needed to prove this but there's still one thing left. Testimony." Now, testimony is not enough, even if we have evidence that substantiates it because the witness might be lying. Ignoring that the prosecution often bases their cases off of witness testimony, ignoring the fact that I(or the defense attorney, if you'd rather) has proven plenty of things not only possible but that they had to have happened based on the actual evidence why is testimony now considered useless? What's the point in even having testimony if it can't be used as the basis for forming a case?

lkjndfnj;lsdflnk. I really hope 4-4 is better than the previous two cases. Because if not I'm going to have to go find the writers and smack them with well constructed mysteries until they can write something that is not so full of obvious contradictions.


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