Mar. 28th, 2008

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Earlier this week my sister declared a moratorium on food. Her reasons behind this bit of pure insanity were that my mother was here last week and bought lots of food then so she needn't bother to go shopping anytime in the next month or two and that eating food makes you fat and she doesn't want to be tempted into not starving herself to lose the last seven pounds of pregnancy weight by having food in the house. I figured I just do what I did last summer, and cart my own food from the grocery store, avoid planning meals that involve potatoes (those things are heavy) and store perishables in the mini-fridge that I'm not allowed to get rid of to protect it from Mike.

I got home tonight to discover that my sister has thrown out all of my food. This also translates to she has thrown out everything but the breast milk. Excuse me while I go rescue the unopened boxes of spaghetti noodles, hide them, and make plans to stab her in her sleep (I'm pretty sure I don't mean that last one literally).
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My sister realized that humans need to eat food, and that since she is human she needs to eat food. I'm still hoarding boxes of pasta and don't plan to store stuff in her cupboards unless I have to, but I figured my f-list would be interested in knowing that she's acting slightly less insane at the moment.

I can't graduate and get out of here fast enough. ~sigh~


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