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I have another French composition to write. We are supposed to, while using the vocabulary we already know (the teacher looks at me when she says this, and I can't possibly imagine why. It's not like I've written anything too outlandish.), write about either our own family, unless that's too bizarre and depressing (again, she looks at me. I haven't even told her about my family. I might have told the "you're getting the trash bags dirty" story where she would have been able to overhear but still, one would think other people had family members who were completely off their nut, too. I can't possibly be the only one in that class that wanted to know how to say: crazy, loony, insane, out of their ever-loving-minds or any of the equivalents, can I?) or we can write about an imaginary person and their friends and family.

So, should I spend time on my French homework and write a lovely, creative composition about my actual family which would horrify and shock my teacher or should I spend time and effort to abuse the vocabulary that the book actually contains to discuss the trails and tribulations of a fictional attorney with the intent to mess with her head? Or should I be lazy and just lie like everyone else? Ma mére est sympa et heureuse. Ma sœur est très sociable. Elle est drôle. Je suis douce. Like that (Yeah, I know I probably really screwed at least one grammatical point up in a really impressive/dreadful fashion. Feel free to point at it and laugh so long as you also tell me what the devil I did wrong.)


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