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So, I haven't really been posting in this thing recently. Partly because I didn't want to have a bunch of whiny emo posts and partly because I've been busy.

Heard back from all the grad schools I applied to; it turns out no one's terribly interested. Remind me to apply to schools that don't have standards next time, or schools with really low standards as opposed to places that would actually be awesome to attend. It sucks, but I'll be trying to get in again next year and I'll apply to some of the schools I'd really rather not go to if I think they might accept me. I think I'd be really good at the whole grad student thing if they'd only let me in.

I also managed to not get a job teaching English in Japan. They went with someone with actual teaching experience. I might try again next year by applying to a different program; I've been doing some research into some of the larger companies that hire teachers and some of them don't suck. The JET programme would still probably be my best bet and if I choose to try and do this I will not miss the deadline for their application again.

So, I might be in Flagstaff for another year. Erin, Cat and I are all looking into renting an apartment--so at least I'd be away from my crazy family members and I'm looking into jobs around town. I'm continually reminded that if one does not have a car or driver's license and has just spent the past several years working on a BA in English there are not too many jobs available to them. I would have been better off if I'd just spent the last several years playing pin ball, because then I'd at least have a skillset. Enter the wonderful world of retail. I hate retail. I hate retail so much, but since a few places are hiring and I'm qualified to do it I can only hope my interview skills will be enough to convince people that I'm not secretly a serial killer.

I got a phone call from my mother last night. She wanted to let me know that she and my dad are not going to be coming up for my graduation. I was expecting this; what I wasn't expecting was her telling me that my dad had gotten time off to come up for my graduation but she made him change the date so that, "he could come visit Jason instead." Because, you know, by coming up here for my graduation he would be rendered completely unable to visit with his nephew in the same city. I will never understand what goes on in that woman's head.


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