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Dr. Reser passed back our essay exams today. Before doing so, he gave a long lecture on how many, many members of the class would be well served by bringing a dictionary with them to help them spell words correctly. He had a very long rant about the importance of knowing basic spelling rules, not trusting spell-check, the lost art of using a dictionary, how we could improve our spelling by keeping a list of words we repeatedly misspell and working to learn to spell those words properly, how correct spelling is the mark of an educated individual and with incorrect spelling being the most obvious error in written English it behooves people who might be writing letters of application to learn how to spell lest they look like an idiot. The lecture can basically be summed up as: "learn to spell, learn to spell, learn to fucking spell you idiots!!!1eleventyone!"

Before getting my test back I felt kinda bad, figuring that, a dyslexic on three colors of cold medication probably made some impressive spelling mistakes and contributed to his diatribe not to mention the level in his bottle of headache medicine. Imagine my shock when I get a note on my test that says "Thank you for using proper spelling and grammar." How? My spelling is abominable, I once misspelled my own name on a spelling test that I otherwise got 100% on when I wasn't heavily drugged. I know my ability to spell does not improve when I barely qualify as self-aware so how is it that my classmates managed to butcher the English language worse than a dyslexic drugged to the gills with the warm end of the spectrum?
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Yes, so spoilers for GS4 ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Apollo is a moron. He makes Phoenix I-showed-vital-evidence-to-the-person-I-knew-was-the-murderer-on-more-than-one-occasion-because-I-am-oblivious-to-the-world-around-me-and-it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-th-time Wright seem like some sort of genius. Things that should be obvious escape this guy. Things that are really, really obvious. Fortunately with the aide of his magic bracelet he can figure out that someone is lying so he knows that he should be presenting evidence.

On some of these occasions there are no "obvious" contradictions, but in most cases you already have the evidence necessary to point out the blatant contradiction. Apollo just lacks the ability to think things through: "Hey, the office was a shambles, there was this broken lamp with red lipstick that I have in evidence, a bullet lodged in the wall of the safe which I also happen to have here, and you were the only person other than the victim at the scene of the crime--hey I think I can prove that you're lying when you say that 'all you did was talk.'" I'm annoyed when the game makes me play stupid because it's one thing if I'm an idiot that can't figure out what to present where but if I can find a way to prove what happened based on the knowledge that the character I'm directing has I should be able to do it without waiting for an intervention of some sort. I was annoyed back in 1-2 when you had to wait for deus-ex-Mia to tell you to turn over the receipt, and I'm more annoyed now that the main character is forced to rely on finger twitches and not the evidence in the court record to figure out when someone is being less than truthful.

I know that they're trying to liven up game-play. But give me back the character portraits to present to people and give me back a lawyer who only has his head in the clouds half the time over the perceive system any day. It’s a poor substitute for the psychelocks considering it only comes up during cross-examinations and not during investigations and the contradictions are apparent to anyone that’s not Apollo anyway. Heck, even the prosecutor works to walk him through the problems with the witness’s testimony, the prosecutor that has a personal vendetta against our hero, even if he doesn’t really act like it. I really hope Apollo grows a brain sometime between now and the end of the game, because I love this series, it's full of awesome, and I don't want to be one of those fans that are all whiny 'cause they screwed with the cast.

Other side notes: I need to replay the intro to 4-3 to make sure that I'm remembering things in the right order, because if I really did pick up a certain object before the person that dropped said object entered the room I'll be really annoyed that I couldn't object to that--just because I'm good at doing things in the opposite order that I'm supposed to doesn't mean that it was impossible, and if I’m remembering things in the right order that should have been a really easy contradiction and we could have skipped three bits of testimony.

The games are still full of gay lawyers. Though there hasn’t yet been anything quite as bad as “I became a Defense Attorney for you” and “Thanks to you I’ve been saddled with unnecessary . . . feelings.” aka all the subtext between Phoenix and Edgeworth.

Did Gumshoe have some sort of rights to the Blue Badger? Because if so, I don't think he's living on the all instant noodle diet anymore and might even have more money than GodEdgeworth.

Someone should buy the Judge a hearing aide and see if that helps him figure out what’s going on.

I'd like to nominate Daryan Crescend for worst hair in an Ace Attorney game. Those of you who have played the series know that this is quite an accomplishment.
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I have another French composition to write. We are supposed to, while using the vocabulary we already know (the teacher looks at me when she says this, and I can't possibly imagine why. It's not like I've written anything too outlandish.), write about either our own family, unless that's too bizarre and depressing (again, she looks at me. I haven't even told her about my family. I might have told the "you're getting the trash bags dirty" story where she would have been able to overhear but still, one would think other people had family members who were completely off their nut, too. I can't possibly be the only one in that class that wanted to know how to say: crazy, loony, insane, out of their ever-loving-minds or any of the equivalents, can I?) or we can write about an imaginary person and their friends and family.

So, should I spend time on my French homework and write a lovely, creative composition about my actual family which would horrify and shock my teacher or should I spend time and effort to abuse the vocabulary that the book actually contains to discuss the trails and tribulations of a fictional attorney with the intent to mess with her head? Or should I be lazy and just lie like everyone else? Ma mére est sympa et heureuse. Ma sœur est très sociable. Elle est drôle. Je suis douce. Like that (Yeah, I know I probably really screwed at least one grammatical point up in a really impressive/dreadful fashion. Feel free to point at it and laugh so long as you also tell me what the devil I did wrong.)
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I've just started Apollo Justice (thank you Erin for keeping Kyle from gnawing it open) and I must say I really prefer Phoenix as the Defense Attorney/ main character. Perhaps it's because my inner monologue and his a eerily similar at times, perhaps it's because Apollo is a little naïve and really, incredibly thick and perhaps it's because the writers decided to ::spoiler alert for the people who care and don't already have some knowledge of 4-1. Oh and spoilers for the first three games like woah:: decided to steal Phoenix's sense of fun with his badge. Hobo-Phoenix is a brilliant, manipulative bastard, who certainly likes toying with people and seems to have more of an idea of what the devil is going on, but he's lost that happy-go-lucky doormat, willing to push through anything no matter how insane (your honor I'm going to cross exam the parrot) to find the truth attitude that was so characteristic of him in the first three games.

I know we'll be getting back story as to how and why he lost his badge but I don't see him taking seven years to get to the bottom of it and fighting back. Because for him, the truth was always what came first no matter how much it sucked getting there, and how much pain it would cause to the people involved. (Look at the last case in the second game where he has to make the choice between the truth and convicting his client and Maya, granted you can pick either choice, and Franziska will still come save you at the end with the evidence Detective Scruffy collected but it's fairly obvious what choice goes best with the games' "finding the truth" theme. Not to mention the final case of 3-5 where he presses on until he proves Godot is the real murdered, even though his assistant was trying to protect the prosecutor.) I also can't see Phoenix forging evidence even to get to the truth, even after he lost his badge. It just doesn't fit with what we know of his character. Sure a lot can happen in seven years but . . . Phoenix Wright would have fought the wrongful charges of knowingly presenting forged evidence (since we already know from 1-5 that they don't care if you present forged evidence if it wasn't your fault and you thought it was real) he would have gotten his badge back (or not taken away at all) and then we wouldn't be in this particular mess seven years later. They'd better give some damn good reasons why he didn't do that.::End Spoilers::

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney just feels a lot more serious than the first three. Maybe it's the music which seems to be lacking in the happy upbeat racks (we wouldn't be seeing the Steel Samurai theme here) and focus on the more sombre, serious tracks. Theres less of a "oh crap I'm so completely screwed if I mess this up" feel to the piece of that plays when you're directed to point out contradictions in evidence and more of a relaxed "la de da we'll get there eventually" thing. Remember the 'Cornered' themes from the last three games, and how the music would take a definite upswing whenever you were getting close to breaking the witness the truth? Seems to be gone, at least in the first case. And the rest of the court suite music is all laid-back and doesn't seem to fit the series. Yeah, the games still have the trademark whacked-outedness what with Apollo's Chords of Steel, the rule that anyone Phoenix spends more than five minutes in a room with has to be completely nuts still holds true, and the Judge is still the Judge, but Apollo feels a lot more straight-laced than Phoenix ever was and a lot less capable of coping with insanity.

It's still fun, but I miss the old cast. I miss the old sound track. I hope the insanity increases, Apollo becomes less of a complete dork, and Phoenix finally has something go right for him. Because even if his life didn't suck on the same epic level that Edegeworth's did the man needs to go at least a decade without being charged with something he didn't do, have someone he cares about disappear, get accused of murder, die, or make him think they committed suicide. I swear the writers delight on fucking with the characters so much that you just want to scream, wait, let something good happen to them for a change, I thought Phoenix Wright supposedly had extraordinarily good luck!

Now, excuse me while I spend the next week with the DS propped up in front of my face, narrowly avoiding running into lampposts, walking past my house at night, complaining and generally enjoying the heck out of myself.


Mar. 3rd, 2008 02:58 pm
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Today's Sluggy Freelance is brought to you by Dr. Who. These two things should never have been combined, these two things mix worse than Harry Potter and Sluggy Freelance (which is coming next week). For your daily does of wtf please to be clicking here.
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For those of you who share my obsession with love of the Phoenix Wright universe here is this month's snapshot for White Day. This is supposed to be a response to last month's Valentine's Day picture.

I love the little details that are in these pictures. Larry looking smug as he serves Franziska in the background about to upset tea all over his own head, the candlesticks that wouldn't have looked out of place in Redd White's office, Maya fangriling over cake, Pearls fangirling over Edgeworth in a tuxedo . . .

For those of you who don't speak Japanese (or are lazy and not even close to the level of skill that would let you translate that with ease and don't want to bother with translating it yourselves . . .though I might make the attempt to do it myself instead of poking at my French homework) the artist's comments are:

This picture has been made for the White Day, in response to Valentine´s Day´s pic. As you can see, Edgeworth is serving Maya and Pearls a cake because they gave him some chocolate. The Steel Samurai figurine is made by Larry.
Franziska has been invited too... Maybe she gave Larry some chocolate?
About Nick..."

The artist then talks about his own likes and dislikes blah blah...

And then, the final sentence: "Whatever Edgeworth serves, he looks simply stunning"
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The computer at work is making angry noises. It sounds vaguely like mom's vacuum did right before it asploded and she had to replace it. Please don't die a fiery death Mr. computer, at least not when I'm stuck next to you and all the potential computer shrapnel.
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My drawing style is apparently 40's pinup meets manga. It's not something I would have come up with on my own but I kind of like the vague idea of it despite the fact that describing it thusly ignores the many varied styles of the manga-ka and also the fact that it doesn't really look anything like a merging of the two. Perhaps if I started doodling characters in more suggestive poses . . .My classmates are also a bit bewildered by the fact that I am not majoring in art.

Also, this post would be better with pictures. Remind me to use the school's scanners for evil and do a things Amber doodled during class dump one of these days.
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Dear students who frequent the computer lab-

Every time you sit down to use a computer that is no longer in the building I laugh at you. If you choose to ignore me when I tell you that the reason the computer isn't working is because there is, in fact, no computer where you are sitting I will laugh out loud at you.

Dear idiot who reminds me why I hate group work-

Learn which way is north. Develop the (un?)common sense to be able to figure out that North Campus is (gasp)to the north of South Campus therefore the doors on the same side as north campus are on the north side of the building. I mean, really, this ought to be inherently obvious. Or at least figure out that while in Flagstaff, if you're facing the mountain you're also facing north. Mountain=north.

So when I (after almost completely giving up on directing you to a door) in accordance with your wish to use the main door of the building that is by the lobby direct you to the north central door of Tinsley, the door that directly faces Cowden hall and is right smack dab in the middle of the building and you indicate some comprehension of this you do not show up at the southeast entrance. I won't be waiting to let you in there.

Do not call me, pissed that I'm not standing right next to a door that wasn't the agreed meeting place demanding that I be there. Do not, when asked where you are respond with "I don't know there's like nothing here, you know? I'm at the door!" and when questioned further about which door on what side of the building respond with "I don't know, the left side?" I shouldn't have to tell you this, you being in college and all that, but your right and your left are not necessarily the same as my right and my left as they are relative to whatever direction you happen to be facing making them really lousy direction for people who cannot see what direction you are currently facing. Is it really that hard to navigate by cardinal directions? Or possibly landmarks? You could have just as easily told me that you were standing by the door across from Wilson and by the Tinsley parking lot and I would have understood.

Dear co-worker who seems to think I'm just out to ruin your life because I insist on following lab policy in my computer lab-

Go roast in a blazing inferno. Seriously. I finally got you to stop unlocking and propping open the security door that is supposed to remain shut at all times. Now you insist on taping the lock of the main door to the lab so that when it swings shut the lock won't catch and as with the unlocked security door it is possible to enter the lab (even when it isn't open) without a doorcode. No. No, no, no. Don't do this! I know we no longer have a handy door prop because it has wandered off somewhere but it is still possible to hold the door open with other objects like the trash can or a handy chair do not tell me that there is no other way to keep the door open. You must think I'm really stupid if you expect me to believe that, or even that you believe that.

I don't really want to engage in a power struggle with you (I'll win 'cause I'm technically your boss, even if I do happen to possess my own set of boobs). Especially if it is over something so petty and stupid. Please stop acting like the tiny little girl can't possibly know what the fuck she is talking about and should just go play with her adorable little dollies and leave the thinking and the computers to the intelligent, upstanding, manly, army-dude. Because if you keep it up my rapidly dwindling patience will run out and I will be forced to make you regret it. ::smile, smile::

EDIT- Addendum to the idiot who reminds me why I hate group work-
When you pick a particular meeting time and place because you want to practice the dialogue before class show up at the place you picked. I was waiting downstairs in the language lab like you asked me to while you were cooling your heels outside the classroom. Yes, I could have decided to check there sometime prior to heading to the classroom to preform my half of the conversation but I figured, judging by your behavior during most of the project, that you were just really late.
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Hmmm, I seem to have a 10% off coupon for things that glow. Must resist urge to spend money. Though having bright, shiny glowy things with me while walking home might make it easier to see . . .
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I made flashcards and did most of the workbook without copying from the answer key--that's like studying, right? Not that it matters as the teacher doesn't write her own tests and unless I magically transfer brains with someone who is fluent in the moon language there will be vocabulary on the test that will be entirely new to me, and not present in the book should I be tempted to try and look it up later.

I should go struggle through the "cultural education" portion of the text as that's a large chunk of points on the test. I'll skim it an pull an acadeca trick where I just circle the answers that look familiar.
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I'm doing my French whilst listening to Japanese pop music. I'm not sure if this is awesome or insane.

On the upside I understand most of the Japanese pop music so I feel slightly less stupid.

Edit- Why hello there random vocabulary that is nowhere else in my book. I hate my French textbook, I love online translators. They may not be perfectly accurate but at least I have a ballpark now.
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I hate filling out applications for things. I keep running across proof that the people who design them are really, really stupid. Take this (poor because I don't know any fancy html) rendering of a chart that I'm supposed to fill out:

Identify and accurately evaluate your proficiency in languages other than English
languages: Advanced Intermediate Introductory Institution Grade Dates(mm/yy)

The only thing that is missing is the dividing line that goes between Introductory and Institution. Everything else is spaced accurately. I don't think I need to go into the many reasons why this is a stupid way to rank proficiency in one language, let alone multiple languages. If I actually had the ability to speak decent Spanish or more than rudimentary French I think I'd be more annoyed at the stupid form.

The form also persists in asking me to give them the same information over and over and over again. I'm not sure if they're checking to see if someone will screw up, or if they're just really bad at designing application forms. I vote we move over to some sort of standard template for these things, something that was designed by someone with an ounce of sense and doesn't provide a blank that is the same size as the one asking for your name to ask "Proposed direction of current of future profession and its relationship to the Teach Abroad Program?:[sic]"

I finally managed to write a personal statement that only sorta sucks and now I'm actually debating finishing the application process because of the sheer amount of stupid they want me to go through. Fill out this form in triplicate! Send us three copies of your resume! Answer the same questions over and over again so we can see if you were paying attention the first twenty times we asked! I know applying for jobs almost always goes something like this and that it's worse when you're applying for a government position but I'm still very, very annoyed. I wish I knew if any of the grad schools I applied to are even going to accept me instead of going, "bwa, ha ha ha no!" so that I wouldn't be in this stupid state of limbo.

I want either a job offer or an acceptance letter. I suppose if I get neither I could move to Canada with Erin and Cat anyway and look for a job there but I don't want to be stuck in a position where I have college loans to pay off and no job. I want even less to be in a position where going to live with any of my family members looks tempting, or even enters my mind as a realistic possibility. I'm probably worried too much about this. Having no definite plan really sucks.

I'd also like to note that it smells like death in the hallway right outside the computer lab. This particular scent is not uncommon to the central girls' hall but this is the first time it has migrated this far. I cannot breathe. The lack of oxygen and the smell are making me all lightheaded and queasy, feelings that I fervently hope go away when I have to walk home tonight because I don't want to deal with passing out on the way there. Though I suppose if I do keel over and don't seriously injure myself I might be able to get Amy or Mike to come fetch me. Though I really ought to put the number of a cab company in my phone just in case I have to call for one somewhere that lacks internet.
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I cannot write a personal statement that does not make me sound like a pompous git. I'm almost sure that it is impossible. It's also difficult to write a personal statement that doesn't sound like I'm lying through my teeth. Regardless of my random lurve of linguistics and languages writing it all out makes me sound Mary Sue-ish. I supposed I need it to make up for my utter lack of teaching experience but, but oy! I know I can fake personable fairly well (if I have too, I guess) and that I can come across with a good strong voice, that I'm able to write well when I'm not doing the unedited stream of consciousness bit that I write here but I'm still really nervous about it. I suppose I'll tweak it a bit more, give up, print the thing out and send it off. The worst that

Gah, I really hate it when my superiority and inferiority complexes collide like this. Neither one wins, I end up an emo little wreck, and apathy/procrastination generally take over until the looming deadline(s) make me do something. At this point both my complexes are happy because my inferiority complex can tell me what a horrible person I am for putting stuff off and my superiority complex is busy in delighting in the fact that even though I wrote my umpty billion and one page research paper in three hours the day it was due I'm still going to get an 'A' on it.
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Because they need more readers and they are awesome:

Never say I don't share my linky goodness with people.
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I hate shoveling snow. I hate shoveling snow in an epic fashion. And whoever came up with the idea to have the driveways in this neighborhood slant at a 50 degree angle should be killed but only after he or she shovels them all.

I hurt. I need to go find someone willing to reassemble my back and shoulders. Preferably someone capable of reassembling my back and shoulders. Ow, ow, owie ow.
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I've been having a bout of insomnia lately. I can not seem to force myself to go to bed before 4am even if I have to be awake early. I have no idea why. Cross between can't-sleep-future-will-eat-me and being too tired to sleep.

It turns out that when I'm really bored at 4:00 in the morning and can not make myself go to sleep I break out my hair straightener and fiddle around with it. About halfway through I started to remember why I almost never go through the trouble of making my hair lie flat. It takes forever. And it's not worth the hour and a half of effort to have gasp!easily manged hair when it's going to go back to the way it was as soon as it gets wet. I also learned that I need to cut my hair as the last time I went and did it I'd made it all uneven and that I have no idea where the devil I put my scissors. On the upside it looks kinda nice.

The caffeine I've been feeding myself to keep from crashing when I have no choice but to be awake is starting to make me twitch. Literally. So I think I'm going to have to stop drinking Dew to keep from collapsing during daylight hours before I cause myself some serious harm or get addicted to caffeine again.

I also managed to go an leave my food at home and since it is Superbowl bloody Sunday and we're supposed to get 8-12" of snow I don't think I can get someone to bring me food. I'm busy contemplating what food would be best to turn my $2.30 of change the vending machine will accept (why do I not have anything smaller than a 20 in my wallet?) into now that we have vending machines that sell actual food substitute instead of chips and chocolate.

I hope that the internet provides me with tonight's episode of House quickly so that I don't have to go kill something.
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My friends are the best.
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That is all.
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Okay. What the hell is wrong with the lab staff? I come into work today about 10 minutes early because when you walk everywhere you learn to give yourself a bit of extra time when I find that my lab, which is not supposed to be open until three when I fucking open it is already open and some punk has unlocked the security doors--the one we aren't supposed to touch or open because then people forget to lock them up again and it is possible to just shove your way into the lab (no door codes necessary)--and is sitting at the labworker's station yakking on his cell phone. The number of issues that needed to be addressed should be evident to anyone who has ever used the computer labs. Or has half a brain.

I ask him, after (kindly) allowing him to finish his conversation what he is doing here. He responds that he is working. I respond with the lab is closed and is supposed to be closed until I open it at three, so he really ought not be here. At this point I think he might be here to cover my 4-6pm shift if someone gave it up so I think he's just early and a bit a a nitwit. He then responds with some bullshit about how since he was here anyway he might as well open the lab up so that people can use it. I tell him no, this is not how we operate we have hours of operation and scheduled shifts for a reason and just because he is here early does not mean he can open the lab at three and tell him if he need to use a computer he can go to one of the ::gasp:: open computer labs. He asks why. I explain again that we open at three I do not go into the fun details of budgets and lab security as I think these things should be as intuitively obvious as the fact that we open at three. He drops the bosses’ names and tells me that he disagrees because we're here to serve. We go back and forth for a bit as I get ready to actually open the lab by turning on the computers and cleaning up the interesting messes my staff have left me. Eventually he realizes that he is supposed to open a different lab at 3:00 and we get to end our fun discussion.

He is apparently planning on complaining about me and my disregard for the student body. Or as he put it "He's going to have words with Jim and John about this incident" (I'm guessing so that they'll lecture me so that I can see the error of my ways). I'm debating about sending this in my status report or as a stand alone e-mail. I also wish I knew all of the people that work for ITS by name but since we have so many people and I never see half of them that's really not going to happen. I think I know who he is but . . . ::sigh:: I suppose I should just tell J+J to look out for the person complaining about me.


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