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Birthdate:Mar 16
I'm a very boring person, as you might have noticed if you bothered reading my journal. Friend if you so desire. The time I don't spend working or in class is generally occupied playing far too many RPGs. SquareEnix owns my soul.

The AIM screenname is accurate, but I'm almost never on it.

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alan sherman, bad movies, batman, batman beyond, board games, books, books with shiny covers, british television, ciphers, computer games, computers, conversations that ‘bounce’, d&d, deliberately confusing people, doctor who, dr. who, dragons, drawing, earthbound, electronic gagetry, fairy tales, final fantasy, folklore, good conversations, gyakuten saiban, history of geekdom, house, hugh laurie, japan, japanese, killer bunnies, kingdom hearts, kingdom of loathing, learning things, libraries, library science, linguistics, logic, logic puzzles, lord peter, manga, my tiny rodenty masters, mystery novels, mythology, new reading material, old books, old school gaming, old sci-fi things, older books, other geeky things, phoenix wright, playfair, puzzles, queen of wands, rats, reading, riddles, role playing, rpgs, sapphire and steel, sci-fi fantasy, sketching, smert people, snes, something positive, sound of breaking brains, square-enix, strong bad, terrible puns, text based rpgs, the doctor, things random and strange, tmbg, torchwood, video games, webcomics, writing, 君のハートへの道
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