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I find myself coming to adore Hugh Laurie. Earlier this summer I watched seasons one and two of House in which he plays a character that insults everything with less cranial capacity than he has, or people that are doing deeply stupid things at the moment, and sometimes he'll make cutting remarks if he thinks it will get him out of Clinic duty. In other words he a sarcastic misanthropic bastard, and I love him for it.

Right now, I'm reading his book, The Gunsligner and a mere 9 pages in I already find myself less inclined to wonder what near-to-hand object would inflict the best blunt force trauma. The book is gloriously self-referential and silly and full of snark. In short, it is everything that literature ought to be and I think I'll stick it on the list of things I would find amusing to have Mom buy me for Christmas.

I'm now going back to reading this lovely tome.
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Gah, so bored. I was reading a lovely 'tec novel that I acquired at Bookmans only to discover that someone had gone and crossed out large sections of text. It appears anything remotely indecent was purged so words like 'drat,''darn,''damn,''sex,'and 'hell' have all been crossed out. Also 'fool,''blast,' and 'idiot.' It is possible to go to some effort to decipher the text (in some areas anyway), which would be necessary as entire passages and sentences that have these words in them have been crossed out, but not worth it.

Now without my 'tec novel to occupy me I find myself without much of anything to occupy mt time. I could go and do something productive like clean, or write my last Shakespeare paper, but I really don't want to. Gah!
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I, as usual, want to do something other than what I’m supposed to be doing. So, rather than doing the intelligent thing and doing one of those things I’m posting in livejournal. Because it makes perfect sense.

I’ve started reading the wonderful detective novels loaned to me by Erin. This is what I want to continue doing. I do not want to write the last two or so pages of my Shakespeare essay. I have them outlined, I know what I want to write and have a conclusion all worked out. I just don’t want to type it up.

I managed to make the alphabet include 26 letters and only 26 letters. I still have no idea how I managed to put in another one but have decided I might need to get more sleep. Or just avoid things where having all the letters of the alphabet in a particular order actually matter.

The Powers That Be have evidently decided that no one needs to know what is going on in room 139, not even Jim and John. Apparently we just have random groups of people who show up for classes there and no one tells the people who 1) are in charge of the building where this is 2) that have keys to let these people in the room 3) who had plans to use the room for something else or 4) were supposed to fix things in that room. I find this both amusing and annoying.

Now, I’m off to do what I should be doing, hopefully followed what I want to be doing.
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I have five, count them, five shiny ‘tec novels to read. This makes me very happy. I shall try to get them read soon so I can return them.

In other news I’ve been having fun playing around with ciphers. For some reason my alphabet appears to contain 27 letters. I have no idea where the extra letter came from, or where I put it in the alphabet as my brain is currently refusing to recognize that there is something wrong with my alphabet. This makes me feel deeply, deeply stupid.

The bosses have sent out yet another e-mail about how customer service is our number one priority and how they have been receiving complaints about the Lab Aides not fulfilling their duties. Erin suggested that one day that the first letters of the lines will spell out “Ronnie you’re fired.” I think it would be amusing. I’d even be willing to help write it out in rhyming couplets. A sonnet could be fun too.


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