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She's leaving two days early! My mother might even be driving out of town as I type this! Her reasoning behind leaving early may be batshit crazy, but who am I to argue with results? ::does happy dance::

Now maybe I can do the crap that needs to be done around the house without a bitchy, rude, egotistical woman following me about telling me all of my failings and that I need to call her more often. Because, really, I don't have enough misery in my life.

I've been working on my application to McGill. There's so much I feel like I should be doing right this very second and it's driving me nuts. Gah! I also need to figure out some back-up schools in case they decided to do the unlikely but feared "Bwa ha ha ha. NO!" thing to me. These schools need to be far, far away from here. After all I'm looking forward to saying, "I'm sorry Amy, but I can't be your live-in slave/baby sitter I'm going to be somewhere far, far away. This means you'll have to pay someone." It still requires research. And since my mother has been up here lecturing me on all my "failings" my inner inferiority complex that says I shouldn't waste my time doing all this when I'm going to fail epically is reasserting its dominance. I also have essays and crazy professor issues to deal with. Not to mention taking care of all the rat stuff piled in my room and avoiding my family. And getting all the stuff together to move out of the house, back to campus. Yeah, this weekend finally made me realize than any benefits from living there are completely not worth it (Yes, it did take me long enough, silence). So Erin, if you still want me as a suitemate keep room C open. I'll start packing.

Also, I was thinking of switching my mood theme to one of the Phoenix Wright ones floating about. Does anyone know how to go about ganking those things? The people who have posts like "I created a mood theme and you can have it, too" haven't really explained how to do it. And I'm selectively moronic at computer things. The cats are getting a little boring, the sprites in the game are hilariously adorable and I'm looking for an excuse to post something with Godot doing a spit take.
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I got up this morning and found a dead rat. The really depressing thing, she was alive, fine and perfectly healthy an hour before I was officially "awake" for the day. She seemed to be having no problems aside from constantly looking for Epsy, but I hoped that would pass in time. I'm now very depressed and my family's comments about how I can "just get a new rat" are not helping me. Neither are the ones about how they are happy they won't have to figure out how to transport them when I go visit Phoenix. Seriously, what kind of fucked up person tells you that they are happy your pet just died because it means they won't have to do something? Or, even better, because it means you'll now have more time for more important things?

I could write more about how my mother decided today was perfect to take me out shopping, decided I needed another new pair of shoes (didn't we just do this last time she was here? I have plenty of shoes, my feet are in no danger of suddenly lacking coverings) explained that I should be acting cheerier and is most assuredly on at least one customers_suck site but I'm not really in the mood. Maybe later when I don't feel like crying uncontrollably.


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