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I got up this morning and found a dead rat. The really depressing thing, she was alive, fine and perfectly healthy an hour before I was officially "awake" for the day. She seemed to be having no problems aside from constantly looking for Epsy, but I hoped that would pass in time. I'm now very depressed and my family's comments about how I can "just get a new rat" are not helping me. Neither are the ones about how they are happy they won't have to figure out how to transport them when I go visit Phoenix. Seriously, what kind of fucked up person tells you that they are happy your pet just died because it means they won't have to do something? Or, even better, because it means you'll now have more time for more important things?

I could write more about how my mother decided today was perfect to take me out shopping, decided I needed another new pair of shoes (didn't we just do this last time she was here? I have plenty of shoes, my feet are in no danger of suddenly lacking coverings) explained that I should be acting cheerier and is most assuredly on at least one customers_suck site but I'm not really in the mood. Maybe later when I don't feel like crying uncontrollably.
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I'm down to one rat now. Today was not a good day for Epsilon. Having a rat have a seizure and die in your hands really, really sucks.
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Erin helped me give the rats a bath today. This is usually a very trying process that involves lots of rodent fleeing and them begging me to protect them from, well, me. Erin came up with a new and brilliant method that didn't involve sticking, or trying to stick, an unwilling rodent in the sink long enough to soap up, scrub and rinse it.

She proposed filling the bathtub with a few inches of water and dropping the rats in it. While they still try to flee with every bit of their rodent powers they were rinsing themselves off while doing so. We managed to get them clean and wet with minimal rodent related injuries. Hooray.

They may never forgive us, but they are willing to take treats and consider it.
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Erin has suggested that we create lolrats to accompanying the omnipresent lolcats. Rats are so cute and silly that making macros of them with funny English would have indeed been an amusing project. Fortunately, I don't have to go and motivate myself to go and create a webpage because someone has beaten me to it.

Behold the power of lolrats!


Jul. 19th, 2007 03:36 pm
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Hero Rats!

Edit: I really, really suck at html. Being dyslexic combined with not having any idea what the heck I'm trying to do makes having pretty links not fun. It should be working now. I hope.
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I decided to conduct an experiment on my rats. For Science! Not one of the fancy ones with notes and a hypothesis but the ones that start out "I wonder what/if . .. "

I decided to test what the rats would do if left to roam around the bathroom whilst I was busy showering.

Epsilon did exactly what I would expect a curious and slightly clever rodent would do. She hopped into the shower and basically froze in a "Oh noes teh water is teh wet!!11!" mode before frantically looking for a safe place. Then, cowering behind the shower curtain, she decided to start frantically grooming herself. Eventually the water made it behind her hiding place so she was forced to flee out of the shower to groom.

Occasionally, she would return to walk along the outside edge of the tub/shower checking to see if the evil water was still raining down on the shower, peering around the shower curtain warily and poking at the middle bits.

Kai's reaction was far sillier. She took a flying rat leap into the shower and had the "oh noes teh water it is wet!!1" reaction, too. Unlike Epsilon she didn't immediately flee. Somewhere in her tiny rat brain she seemed to have determined that I was in danger from the falling water. She leaped into rattie action "I can has will save j00 now!" She dashed across the shower where she reached my big toe and, clasping it firmly in her two front paws, started trying to pull me to safety.

Eventually the water proved to be too much, so with a parting lick and one last pull she fled. After shaking herself off and grooming a tiny bit she decided to give it another go.

She leaped in to the shower "I has very important mission!" and ran strait towards me. Rather than trying the pulling on Amber's toe tactic again she decided to try something new. After giving me several new rat marks on my legs she made it up to my shoulder, where she started desperately trying to pull me by my hair to safety. This didn't work either. She also got really, really wet and had to flee to safety and groom the evil, strange, falling water out of her rat fur.

After I got out of the shower, Kai had to check to make sure all parts of me were still in one piece, which she did by licking me and chittering a lot.

I have very silly pets.
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See subject line.

What's that you all want more? Well I'm busy dealing with rattie crisis right now. Kai seems to be unable to eat. Her jaw seems to be in pain and this is not good.

Also, where the devil is my hairbrush?
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I really, really hate being sick, which is unfortunate because I seem to spend a lot of my time in less than perfect health. Seriously, what the crap is wrong with me?

Yeah, not only did I get the early ITS death plague that was going around two weeks ago, I seem to have gotten something else. Fortunately sleep managed to aid me in recovering from that misery (19 hours of sleep in the past 24) and I’m feeling much better. But I’m sick of being sick.

In other, less whiny news I got my Shakespeare paper back from Dr. Reser. I managed to get an A- on it which is something I’m quite proud of considering 1) I wrote it under time constraints because I’m a procrastinating moron 2) I kept getting interrupted by people who wanted to talk to me right that very instant, some of whom I don’t even know 3) Dr. Reser is notorious for being a tough grader and doesn’t go above the A- mark unless he feels you’ve written something really good. Needless to say getting a paper back from him with positive commentary on it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s always nice to get outside confirmation from someone I know that is objective that I do, in fact, do something other than play video games well.

This weekend was full of good times. I put off doing my homework for my popular literature class until the last minute again. I did the readings for it earlier in the week, but since he doesn’t put his quizzes up until Friday and the rest of the class refuses to post until the weekend (hence I can’t comment on their posts) and are increasingly posting after the assignment is due I find it really hard to be motivated to do crap for that class early. That and the stuff is really easy. Even so, I’m not sure how he grades out postings as he doesn’t have very specific criteria and my grades seem to have been randomly assigned in some cases; out of the weeks we’ve had class I’ve gotten several postings with full credit and a few that have one point knocked off for some reason. I’ve tried comparing the postings to see if I made a slew of errors or something but so far it remains a mystery.

My sister managed to get bit by my rat on Sunday evening. I’m not sure what she did to provoke poor Epsilon to attack like that, as she’s really a very sweet mild mannered rat that in most cases wouldn’t be interested enough in you to bite you. She would much rather explore the places she is not allowed to go. Amy has decided to leave my rats alone for the time being, which is probably a good call on her part.


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