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Dear idiot,

You cannot access files on your flash drive if you do not plug it into the computer. Just because you can see it lying on the table next to the computer does not mean the computer can do anything with it. Shocking, I know. Once the flash drive is plugged into the computer it will be listed as 'removable disk,' 'USBdsk' or something very similar. It will not be found anywhere in your 'Z' drive, and it is NOT, no matter how many times you insist otherwise, the same as the DVD/CR-RW drive. So, please don't be upset when you click on the DVD drive and don't see your files.

Once I've spent fifteen minutes being polite, helping you and explaining the above to you no less than five times do us both a favor and leave. Don't, under any circumstances, touch me and then ask me out on a date.

EDIT- Idiot came back and needed to print. I explained the concept of a needing his dana ID and not his student ID, by telling him I needed the one that started off with his initials. I certainly hope his initials aren't: 00000othernumbersremoved. ~sigh~
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Dr. Reser passed back our essay exams today. Before doing so, he gave a long lecture on how many, many members of the class would be well served by bringing a dictionary with them to help them spell words correctly. He had a very long rant about the importance of knowing basic spelling rules, not trusting spell-check, the lost art of using a dictionary, how we could improve our spelling by keeping a list of words we repeatedly misspell and working to learn to spell those words properly, how correct spelling is the mark of an educated individual and with incorrect spelling being the most obvious error in written English it behooves people who might be writing letters of application to learn how to spell lest they look like an idiot. The lecture can basically be summed up as: "learn to spell, learn to spell, learn to fucking spell you idiots!!!1eleventyone!"

Before getting my test back I felt kinda bad, figuring that, a dyslexic on three colors of cold medication probably made some impressive spelling mistakes and contributed to his diatribe not to mention the level in his bottle of headache medicine. Imagine my shock when I get a note on my test that says "Thank you for using proper spelling and grammar." How? My spelling is abominable, I once misspelled my own name on a spelling test that I otherwise got 100% on when I wasn't heavily drugged. I know my ability to spell does not improve when I barely qualify as self-aware so how is it that my classmates managed to butcher the English language worse than a dyslexic drugged to the gills with the warm end of the spectrum?
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Dear students who frequent the computer lab-

Every time you sit down to use a computer that is no longer in the building I laugh at you. If you choose to ignore me when I tell you that the reason the computer isn't working is because there is, in fact, no computer where you are sitting I will laugh out loud at you.

Dear idiot who reminds me why I hate group work-

Learn which way is north. Develop the (un?)common sense to be able to figure out that North Campus is (gasp)to the north of South Campus therefore the doors on the same side as north campus are on the north side of the building. I mean, really, this ought to be inherently obvious. Or at least figure out that while in Flagstaff, if you're facing the mountain you're also facing north. Mountain=north.

So when I (after almost completely giving up on directing you to a door) in accordance with your wish to use the main door of the building that is by the lobby direct you to the north central door of Tinsley, the door that directly faces Cowden hall and is right smack dab in the middle of the building and you indicate some comprehension of this you do not show up at the southeast entrance. I won't be waiting to let you in there.

Do not call me, pissed that I'm not standing right next to a door that wasn't the agreed meeting place demanding that I be there. Do not, when asked where you are respond with "I don't know there's like nothing here, you know? I'm at the door!" and when questioned further about which door on what side of the building respond with "I don't know, the left side?" I shouldn't have to tell you this, you being in college and all that, but your right and your left are not necessarily the same as my right and my left as they are relative to whatever direction you happen to be facing making them really lousy direction for people who cannot see what direction you are currently facing. Is it really that hard to navigate by cardinal directions? Or possibly landmarks? You could have just as easily told me that you were standing by the door across from Wilson and by the Tinsley parking lot and I would have understood.

Dear co-worker who seems to think I'm just out to ruin your life because I insist on following lab policy in my computer lab-

Go roast in a blazing inferno. Seriously. I finally got you to stop unlocking and propping open the security door that is supposed to remain shut at all times. Now you insist on taping the lock of the main door to the lab so that when it swings shut the lock won't catch and as with the unlocked security door it is possible to enter the lab (even when it isn't open) without a doorcode. No. No, no, no. Don't do this! I know we no longer have a handy door prop because it has wandered off somewhere but it is still possible to hold the door open with other objects like the trash can or a handy chair do not tell me that there is no other way to keep the door open. You must think I'm really stupid if you expect me to believe that, or even that you believe that.

I don't really want to engage in a power struggle with you (I'll win 'cause I'm technically your boss, even if I do happen to possess my own set of boobs). Especially if it is over something so petty and stupid. Please stop acting like the tiny little girl can't possibly know what the fuck she is talking about and should just go play with her adorable little dollies and leave the thinking and the computers to the intelligent, upstanding, manly, army-dude. Because if you keep it up my rapidly dwindling patience will run out and I will be forced to make you regret it. ::smile, smile::

EDIT- Addendum to the idiot who reminds me why I hate group work-
When you pick a particular meeting time and place because you want to practice the dialogue before class show up at the place you picked. I was waiting downstairs in the language lab like you asked me to while you were cooling your heels outside the classroom. Yes, I could have decided to check there sometime prior to heading to the classroom to preform my half of the conversation but I figured, judging by your behavior during most of the project, that you were just really late.
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Okay. What the hell is wrong with the lab staff? I come into work today about 10 minutes early because when you walk everywhere you learn to give yourself a bit of extra time when I find that my lab, which is not supposed to be open until three when I fucking open it is already open and some punk has unlocked the security doors--the one we aren't supposed to touch or open because then people forget to lock them up again and it is possible to just shove your way into the lab (no door codes necessary)--and is sitting at the labworker's station yakking on his cell phone. The number of issues that needed to be addressed should be evident to anyone who has ever used the computer labs. Or has half a brain.

I ask him, after (kindly) allowing him to finish his conversation what he is doing here. He responds that he is working. I respond with the lab is closed and is supposed to be closed until I open it at three, so he really ought not be here. At this point I think he might be here to cover my 4-6pm shift if someone gave it up so I think he's just early and a bit a a nitwit. He then responds with some bullshit about how since he was here anyway he might as well open the lab up so that people can use it. I tell him no, this is not how we operate we have hours of operation and scheduled shifts for a reason and just because he is here early does not mean he can open the lab at three and tell him if he need to use a computer he can go to one of the ::gasp:: open computer labs. He asks why. I explain again that we open at three I do not go into the fun details of budgets and lab security as I think these things should be as intuitively obvious as the fact that we open at three. He drops the bosses’ names and tells me that he disagrees because we're here to serve. We go back and forth for a bit as I get ready to actually open the lab by turning on the computers and cleaning up the interesting messes my staff have left me. Eventually he realizes that he is supposed to open a different lab at 3:00 and we get to end our fun discussion.

He is apparently planning on complaining about me and my disregard for the student body. Or as he put it "He's going to have words with Jim and John about this incident" (I'm guessing so that they'll lecture me so that I can see the error of my ways). I'm debating about sending this in my status report or as a stand alone e-mail. I also wish I knew all of the people that work for ITS by name but since we have so many people and I never see half of them that's really not going to happen. I think I know who he is but . . . ::sigh:: I suppose I should just tell J+J to look out for the person complaining about me.
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Oh, what's that? You want me to look over your paper? Okay, I don't have much to do right now and I could have it back to you in an hour or two. Oh, you need it back in less than 20 minutes? Because it's due, like, right now and you want me to write up a reader report for you? Yeah . . . good luck with that.


Dec. 3rd, 2007 01:17 pm
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Click to enlage.

And for the computer geeks among you: Clicky


Nov. 20th, 2007 07:59 am
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Dear people who frequent the computer lab-

Please for the love of whatever it is you hold dear clean up after yourselves. I don't mind cleaning up the odd bit of paper, left disks and soda bottles. I really don't. That being said, under no circumstances should I have to clean up your lube (mmm strawberry flavored), your used snot rags, what looked to be the leftovers from the time you ordered half the menu at Chilies or anything that contains your bodily fluids. People like you are the reason I'm afraid to go clean the study cubicles. I peer into the door and wonder just what the dregs of humanity have left for me. I feel like I need to scrub up to the elbow just thinking about cleaning the lab. Seriously, ew.

Also, if you're going to move around various bits of furniture please put them back where you found them. I honestly hope you had a reason you went and rearranged the fishbowl so that the tables formed a giant maze and that that reason had nothing to with wanting to fuck with the lab staff. Same to the guy that went and removed all of the lights from the study cubicles and then arranged them in a pyramid. I could go on about how much I wish the chairs would stop migrating half-way across the lab whenever you come in a group or lot of you would start pushing in your chairs but I know that is too much to ask. But please, please stop acting like it's a huge inconvenience to you if I start rearranging chairs in your area. I'm not going to ask you to take your stuff off the seat or even to stop using the chairs as footstools. I will be removing the rest of your chair fort because other people need to sit, too.

Do not tell me that things used to be different 2-3 years ago thinking that I will be forced to accommodate your insane requests. Printing has never been free, color printing has never cost the same amount as black and white and we have never stocked specialty paper. We also don’t print on anything but regular copy paper but that’s another story. Telling me otherwise is not going to change it. Believe it or not I’ve been working here for over four years. I know lab policy better than you and probably better than 80% of the people that work here, don’t argue with me, it’ll just get you kicked out.

And to one particular person--our cork board is only for official University announcements. There are boards for student messages on campus, ours is not one of them. There was even a sign explaining that, how anyone who wanted permission to put stuff up had to ask the desk staff to approve items and how we would be removing all non-approved items before you taped your sign advertising your availability to teach French to it. Just because you destroyed out sign telling you why your stuff will be removed does not mean you've cleverly gotten rid of the policy. So don't keep replacing your sign with a larger note to "not remove it." It doesn't belong there and I'm going to continue to take it down.

Do not touch me. Just because I am walking about the lab pushing in chairs and there is not a giant desk between us does not mean that it is okay to come up to me and start petting my hair. I know my hair is long, shiny, does that crinkly thing and is oh-so-soft. (I've even managed to get it to stop trying to eat itself, attack small children and magically tie itself in knots. Go, go gadget hair lubricant!) Even if I didn't it would still not be appropriate for you to come up and touch me. I don't like it when people I know start touching me, what makes you think I want you to do so?

Four, yes, four people came up to me today and started petting my hair. Am I wearing a giant sign or something? Is it national invade personal space day? One of them, I had helped before and I figured she was a pretty sweet, mostly technologically inept lady. This was before she flagged me down to tell me I was pretty, started touching me and stroking my hair, and followed me to the door asking questions about my ethnic background. Yeah, lady, you're fucking creepy.

Don't do this. Please.
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I was off buying party supplies for tonight's shindig and everything was going as planned until I get to the checkout. Like all grocery stores on Saturday it was fairly busy and a rather long line. I wanted to make this go as fast as possible so I fished out my debit card, my Bashas card and my State ID (as I was buying booze). When I hand the Bashas card and ID over to the clerk he says that he doesn't think he can sell me the rum because I don't have an actual Driver's license. Me and the next three people in line explain to him that since it it a valid state ID with my picture and birth date ect that he can use it to confirm when I was born and that I am old enough to buy booze.

He insists that we are all wrong. He goes to the next checkout counter the hassle the clerk there about the "problem" with my ID. She tells him that there is no problem and that he can sell me the booze. He doesn't believe her. He then calls a manager to have her come look at my driving permit to prove it's not valid. She tells him to just sell me the booze and stop holding up the line. He finally sells me the booze, and after the manager is out of earshot tells me that I'm lucky that they didn't know the laws as well as he did and to not expect to buy alcohol from his store ever again. Unless I get an actual license that is.

I very nearly hauled the manager back there to have her reprimand him. Oh, so close. But since I had what I came for and the poor people in the rest of the line had other things to do with their Saturday I didn't. A part of me regrets it.


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