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One of the most annoying features of web courses is the tendency to have multiple listed due dates for assignments. While going through one of my classes today I found something that I thought was due in a few days but in reality was due tonight. Thank heavens I noticed and manged to type it up.

Another thing I'm having an issue with is being repeatedly asked, "why do you think X relates to this course?" My natural response is to say, "because it says so on the syllabus," which doesn't come near the 300 or so words that the professor wants. It also probably doesn't show that I put deep thought into the issue at hand. Of course I'm not in the habit of putting deep thought into things that should be self evident. I prefer that my inner monologue focuses on something a bit more interesting than answering the "why do you think thing-that-obviously-correlates-to-course-topic, has a relation to course?" question. The assignment that I just turned in might as well have been "Why do you think the study of William Shakespeare relates to a class on Shakespeare?"

At least it's better than explaining that a greater understanding of the universe can be attained through the study of Indian Dance. Or Indian percussion. Or Indian temples. Or really obscure Indian art form here. You know, like I was doing all last semester.
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Internet>Research paper.

~sigh~ it's going faster now that I have actual sources and have finished thawing out from the walk home. Seriously I'm never, ever going to walk 3.5 miles home in snow drifts that go up past my knees ever again. My pants froze.

I wouldn't have had to if my sister and brother-in-law had been able to give me the ride that they said they were going to. But they once again proved that an hour of my time is less important than 10 minutes of theirs. Or in the case of this evening an hour and thirty minutes of my time is worth less than 10 minutes of theirs.

I'm going to go be responsible and finish my stupid paper. That way I can turn it in and never think of it again. If I never read another book by Hardy it will be too soon.
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There is something wrong with how you have set up your class if it take me six hours of reading to get through your module. Seriously, 450 pages, ten point font, single spaced for 10 multiple choice questions taken in ten minutes "to prevent cheating". . . No.
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I managed to get logged on to Vista and find all of my classes, which is good. I also found out I have access to a folklore class I took over a year ago. At least it was one of the interesting online classes.

But I've been going throughout the syllabi and course materials getting an idea of how much "fun" the semester will be and what weeks I should plan on hiding from the world as I type out many many essays. During the process I managed to discover that my anthropology 104 professor is insane--and not in the good "I'm an anthropologist let's build yurts and hold office hour in them and end up debating if it would have been more culturally sound to build " way. The first lesson in the online course is how to log in and get to the online course that you have to be logged into to read the assignment. This would also be the first, in a long list of occasions, where the instructor confuses 'jan IDs' and 'dana IDs'. I'm thinking of e-mailing her to prevent confusion that would come from a million freshmen logging in and trying to figure out what their jan account is.

The next bit of potential insanity is the 'clicker system'. I'm reserving judgment on this until I actually experience it but am inclined to think of it as stupid. We get little machines that remind me of the things they use to take audience polls on shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire and America's Funniest Home Videos. These are supposed to be fostering class participation and allowing the teacher to take attendance. I am usually annoyed by the attendance requirements of classes--not because I don't show up but because I think I've gotten to the point where if I can do the work without sitting through your boring and stupid lecture and get excellent grades on all of it I shouldn't be penalized for not sitting through the lectures. These clickers are supposed to be registered online and the teacher told us to wait to do this because she has a coupon. I'm guessing this means that not only do I have to buy an overpriced electronic gadget I can only use once I have to pay to register the damn thing.

The next crazy thing is our first quiz. This is essentially a "getting to know the students" survey. Most of the questions are fairly straightforward. Have you used Vista before? What features are you familiar with? Then it takes a turn for the slightly insane. Asking questions like "How many credit hours have you completed at the college level (including courses from this and any other institution you have attended, but not including your current courses)? (write your response in the spaces provided)" which is kinda a pain to look up. Especially since I know the teacher already knows what level all the students are as they get that with their roster. Even more fun are the questions about how much time I spend on campus not at class or work. I tried to write something that was both snarky and let me show my dislike of stupid questions that don't have anything to do with the class but the field demands an exact number.

Why do I think I'm going to end up pointing out a lot of stupid in this class?


Apr. 24th, 2007 05:46 pm
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Only 24 more pages to write until the end of the semester! I am so insanely happy about this. Everything else is multiple guess tests, stupid yet easy group discussion and extra credit. Wheee, it’s almost over!

My game systems and I shall soon be reunited!
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I’m currently experiencing a lack of looming deadlines. Decidedly odd considering the point of the semester and the work load I’ve had in previous semesters.

It’s sad knowing that I have a ton of time to do the few largish assignments for this semester and that I’ve already started plotting some of them out. It seems I’m becoming a good student . . . I guess I have to do something to fill all my free time!

I’m looking for new webcomics again. Not that I really need them, but since I don’t have homework (at least not on the level I’m used to, I can hammer out these page long essays in under 15 minutes and still get full credit on them. I’m used to writing 5-6 page research type essays and having at least one due a week, so this current level of work is nothing to me.) I’m looking for something to whittle away the dull hours. Webcomics suit me nicely.

So, basically, if you have any recommendations for things I could add to my reading list, or at least list of things to check out, I’d be grateful. Right now I’m going through the links pages on the comics I read. Sadly, they all seem to link to each other. There are a still a few uncharted comics out there and if it fails I’ll just start clicking on the interesting seeming links on TWC or something. Thanks all!
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I really, really hate being sick, which is unfortunate because I seem to spend a lot of my time in less than perfect health. Seriously, what the crap is wrong with me?

Yeah, not only did I get the early ITS death plague that was going around two weeks ago, I seem to have gotten something else. Fortunately sleep managed to aid me in recovering from that misery (19 hours of sleep in the past 24) and I’m feeling much better. But I’m sick of being sick.

In other, less whiny news I got my Shakespeare paper back from Dr. Reser. I managed to get an A- on it which is something I’m quite proud of considering 1) I wrote it under time constraints because I’m a procrastinating moron 2) I kept getting interrupted by people who wanted to talk to me right that very instant, some of whom I don’t even know 3) Dr. Reser is notorious for being a tough grader and doesn’t go above the A- mark unless he feels you’ve written something really good. Needless to say getting a paper back from him with positive commentary on it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s always nice to get outside confirmation from someone I know that is objective that I do, in fact, do something other than play video games well.

This weekend was full of good times. I put off doing my homework for my popular literature class until the last minute again. I did the readings for it earlier in the week, but since he doesn’t put his quizzes up until Friday and the rest of the class refuses to post until the weekend (hence I can’t comment on their posts) and are increasingly posting after the assignment is due I find it really hard to be motivated to do crap for that class early. That and the stuff is really easy. Even so, I’m not sure how he grades out postings as he doesn’t have very specific criteria and my grades seem to have been randomly assigned in some cases; out of the weeks we’ve had class I’ve gotten several postings with full credit and a few that have one point knocked off for some reason. I’ve tried comparing the postings to see if I made a slew of errors or something but so far it remains a mystery.

My sister managed to get bit by my rat on Sunday evening. I’m not sure what she did to provoke poor Epsilon to attack like that, as she’s really a very sweet mild mannered rat that in most cases wouldn’t be interested enough in you to bite you. She would much rather explore the places she is not allowed to go. Amy has decided to leave my rats alone for the time being, which is probably a good call on her part.


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