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Today has been really busy. This morning I had my midterm exam in Anthropology, which I rocked. There were two questions out of the 100 that I had to pause and think about before answering. Things like “What, you mean we were supposed to pay attention to the names of the films we watched?” and “Hey, he was serious about asking us a question about what was on Ongka’s shirt. It’s really question 63 too!” crossed my mind. Fortunately in the event that I actually missed the two questions I had some hesitation on I got all of the 20 points extra credit for knowing the “tasty tidbits” and the taxonomy for humans.

I went and talked to Sensei, she’s apparently really enjoying this semester. She doesn’t have any independent studies so it’s just her “regular” classes and she’s really enjoying having “free time.” After talking with her I feel a bit better about the JET program and think I’ll fill out an application for it. I don’t know what Mom and Dad will think of my “sudden” decision to try and go to Japan, but I’m hoping it works out for me and gives me something to do before heading off to grad school to get my degree in . . . something (probably Library Science but . . . we’ll see how things are when I’m actually filling out applications). I’m also totally going to get another minor, so in addition to my Japanese minor I’ll have one in Asian studies. I do just need one more class, and I have several options. I’m going to look into what ones are being offered next semester and during what time slots before I get all excited about any one of them—my 400 level English classes are far more important so I should work stuff around them.

I also got the opportunity to talk to Dr. Reser about my final paper for that class. I wasn’t sure he would like my paper idea, because it doesn’t really follow what he seemed to want from the papers but he thought it was really cool and even gave me a couple of possible avenues of exploration. As well as suggested a couple of films I could use as reference material. After I check out all that I should be ready to actually start writing on the paper. And it won’t be the day before it is due! Shocking, no?

After all that my afternoon was blown (some conversations took a lot longer than I planned, but they were interesting and really useful nonetheless. Plus, Dr. Reser’s opinions on modern literature are really quite interesting. I disagree with some of the things he said, but it’s nice to see someone have intelligent comments to put forth for a change.) so my plan to eat yummy sushi didn’t go through. I had delicious Thai food instead, but I still really want to eat some raw fish. Perhaps I’ll try and convince D. that she really wants some sushi too and she’ll go fetch some while I’m stuck here.

I’ve got a couple more things to do today, some reading for my online classes and coming up with study questions for Twelfth Night, which I’ll have to reread. I’m also supposed to look over stuff for D. and Bill. I expect one of those things will take me considerably less time than the other. I love editing things for people who type in English and not some variation of Martian. Just looking over content goes so much faster! It’s also a relief not to argue with people about structural issues. Sensei and I were talking about the editing stuff I do and she agrees that I should start charging. Her idea was for me to write something in the notes section like “This deserves sushi; I’m available on Wed. and Fri.” I’m amused by the notion but somehow can’t see myself actually charging for stuff. At least not for friends, they usually do “thank you” stuff anyway which is appreciated, but unnecessary. I mean, in those cases I usually offered.


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