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It occurred to me this morning that it has been a long time since I posted and that I really should do something about that. Rather than type up a really long entry with details and many attempts to be witty I'm going to bring you a life update in Siskle and Ebert vision.

Mason jars full of salad dressing carefully hidden in tortillas and gravity at six thirty in the morning? Combined with Murphy's Law applying to everything I do?

. . . . .thumbs down.

A pregnant lady, a limping woman and a man with nothing obviously wrong with him walk into a hospital and wait a really long time to find out that Mike has migraines. I also misplaced my keys.

. . . . .thumbs down.

My family decides that we need to bond. They decide that the best way to go about doing this is to pick the lock on my door. Mom calls to complain that I never call her, how great Amy is and how I really suck at everything.

. . . . .thumbs way down and fist shaking.

Jim sends me an e-mail trying to guess what I dropped on my foot. He went with giraffe.

. . . . .thumbs up.

I have two tests. One is an essay test that asked me to discuss how fairy tales and folklore have been updated for both cultures and time periods. Rather than just go with the examples put forth in class I draw from my body of knowledge on the subject. I include citations. It was an in class exam.

. . . . .thumbs up.

I discovered Square-Enix is selling another round of potions. This time to promote Final Fantasy VII. They are made of metal and glass with the Shinra company logo stamped on them.

. . . . .fangirl thumbs up.

Get Nifty came in the mail.

. . . . .thumbs up.

I have no one to con in to playing Get Nifty with me.

. . . . .thumbs down.

My family has Let It Be Known that we are going to spend Quality time together this weekend.

. . . . .thumbs down.

I have homework and the ability to remove the screen door on my window.

Praise be to the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster. erm . . thumbs up!


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