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1. Buy books for class.
2. Visit Erin, buy her lunch/dinner, and return her books to her.
3. Figure out ways of disposing of and storing various bags of things-I-do-not-want-to-move that are currently living in my room.
4. Write my Uncle Dennis a letter
5. Go to the bank.
6. Find some way to get my books to fit on the bookshelf and not on the floor. There has to be a way!
7. Locate my flash drive to help me move files off my computer. Give up and spend awhile sending myself attachments.
8. Set Spot up on my desk and dispose of old computer and wonky monitor.
9. Fix my sleeping schedule so it's more like what "normal people" keep; I really ought to get up before noon.
10. Acquire putty in the proper shade of white so that I can fix the invisible holes in the wall that my sister has discovered before she kills me. Also, figure out how one fixes holes that do not, in fact, exist.
11. Apply to JET and other whore-your-native-language-for-money programs in hopes that they will be interested in hiring me if this whole grad school thing does not pan out.

(I have made a start on this one. I feel so under qualified for these things. I mean I have no teaching experience and only kind of speak two languages. Some of these people are asking for my extracurriculars which makes me feel like a bit of a failure as I don't really do anything outside of work, school and video gaming and have been systematically ignoring things like the English Department's desire to turn me into a writing tutor, the crap the NHS keeps sending me, my fiction writing professor's desire to try and make me publish my (I think they are awful and am ashamed of having written some of them) short stories and the fact that there is an English fraternity that doesn't require me to do anything besides pay some dues to stick the fact that I "belong" to it on a form. If I had done any of those things I'd have something to stick in the blanks of the stupid form. But since the things I do aren't the sorts of things that fit nicely into the blanks on forms they sit there, empty, mocking me. I hate applying for things; I always feel bad about myself when I do so.)

12. Figure out strike though tag so that I can cross these things off as I complete them.

I'm sure there are other things, too but I figured I needed to set up a list with the most important so that I do them as opposed to ignoring them. I've gotten quite good at walking over and around the various piles that require my attention.


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