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Mike has decided that I'm not working nearly hard enough on the D&D campaign he wanted me to create to satiate his craving for dice rolling and roleplaying and is so going to make one himself. Anyone want to join in? I will still work on mine, now that I've figured out how to make my initial scenario idea actually work and be beatable by the players if they don't do too much stupid crap. I'm excited about it. Not nearly as excited as I am about the IOU campaign though, Erin made that sound really fun. Ah, summer, so much gaming, so much time.

I'm still doing the summer program. It's delightfully sucky. The students keep trying to come into the lab during unscheduled hours, talking in non-indoor voices, and now they've decided to start stealing my doodles. Yes, my doodles. I was bored I scribbled something on a piece of paper, moved it to the desk behind me and when I was going to go back and finish it up someone had gone and taken my doodle! What the heck!? High School students are weird.

Erin wants me to post a collection of my webcomic links somewhere where she can have ready and easy access to them. I think I'll do that tonight--give me a good reason to sort out the links section "something I read, something I read, something I decided to check out when I had more time and didn't, something that I read and that I find awesome, something that stopped updating and wasn't worth reading anyway, something on hiatus . . ." you get the idea. It's been a long time since I've gone through my collection of links and sorted them by category. I'll also have to type little blurbs about all the webcomics again since I can't find the e-mails I've sent out to spread the webcomic love. At least it gives me something to do besides play Sudoku.
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I got Cat addicted to Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire today. That online comic is full of silliness and random and quite possibly an unhealthy dose of win. Also, puns. Many, many puns.

After she polishes up the archives for it I’m going to have to recommend Order of the Stick and A Magical Roommate: the World’s Weirdest Webcomic followed by Anywhere But Here. I must spread my addiction, yes.

I suppose, considering the number of hours I clock in at the computer labs, even when I’m not working it’s a surprise I don’t read more webcomics, or am not clinically insane but every time I look at my reading list I find myself wondering if my interest is growing a wee bit out of control. I can stop at any time, I swear!

In return for sharing the pun filled goodness of Dominic, Cat was nice enough to refer me to a few comics that were not already on my reading list. I think I know what I’ll be doing over Spring Break. Well, besides playing lots of video games and looking into the possibility of holding a movie/game night when Amy and Mike leave me with their pets and plants. More people need to know the strangeness of Dungeon, Masterpiece and most of all Killer Bunnies!

In case any of the above webcomics are not on your reading list (and they should be gosh dang it!) here are links for your clicking convenience. Go. Read. Enjoy.

Oh, and I totally just figured out how to do italics on this thing. Okay, so I just now tried to use italics on this thing. But still I'm proud that I was able to figure it out and not have to spend hours looking for a tutorial. The smallest things make me happy.
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I’m currently experiencing a lack of looming deadlines. Decidedly odd considering the point of the semester and the work load I’ve had in previous semesters.

It’s sad knowing that I have a ton of time to do the few largish assignments for this semester and that I’ve already started plotting some of them out. It seems I’m becoming a good student . . . I guess I have to do something to fill all my free time!

I’m looking for new webcomics again. Not that I really need them, but since I don’t have homework (at least not on the level I’m used to, I can hammer out these page long essays in under 15 minutes and still get full credit on them. I’m used to writing 5-6 page research type essays and having at least one due a week, so this current level of work is nothing to me.) I’m looking for something to whittle away the dull hours. Webcomics suit me nicely.

So, basically, if you have any recommendations for things I could add to my reading list, or at least list of things to check out, I’d be grateful. Right now I’m going through the links pages on the comics I read. Sadly, they all seem to link to each other. There are a still a few uncharted comics out there and if it fails I’ll just start clicking on the interesting seeming links on TWC or something. Thanks all!


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