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Okay. What the hell is wrong with the lab staff? I come into work today about 10 minutes early because when you walk everywhere you learn to give yourself a bit of extra time when I find that my lab, which is not supposed to be open until three when I fucking open it is already open and some punk has unlocked the security doors--the one we aren't supposed to touch or open because then people forget to lock them up again and it is possible to just shove your way into the lab (no door codes necessary)--and is sitting at the labworker's station yakking on his cell phone. The number of issues that needed to be addressed should be evident to anyone who has ever used the computer labs. Or has half a brain.

I ask him, after (kindly) allowing him to finish his conversation what he is doing here. He responds that he is working. I respond with the lab is closed and is supposed to be closed until I open it at three, so he really ought not be here. At this point I think he might be here to cover my 4-6pm shift if someone gave it up so I think he's just early and a bit a a nitwit. He then responds with some bullshit about how since he was here anyway he might as well open the lab up so that people can use it. I tell him no, this is not how we operate we have hours of operation and scheduled shifts for a reason and just because he is here early does not mean he can open the lab at three and tell him if he need to use a computer he can go to one of the ::gasp:: open computer labs. He asks why. I explain again that we open at three I do not go into the fun details of budgets and lab security as I think these things should be as intuitively obvious as the fact that we open at three. He drops the bosses’ names and tells me that he disagrees because we're here to serve. We go back and forth for a bit as I get ready to actually open the lab by turning on the computers and cleaning up the interesting messes my staff have left me. Eventually he realizes that he is supposed to open a different lab at 3:00 and we get to end our fun discussion.

He is apparently planning on complaining about me and my disregard for the student body. Or as he put it "He's going to have words with Jim and John about this incident" (I'm guessing so that they'll lecture me so that I can see the error of my ways). I'm debating about sending this in my status report or as a stand alone e-mail. I also wish I knew all of the people that work for ITS by name but since we have so many people and I never see half of them that's really not going to happen. I think I know who he is but . . . ::sigh:: I suppose I should just tell J+J to look out for the person complaining about me.
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Never, ever assume that since someone has worked behind the desk for a year they know how to print something. Also never assume that the new hell deskers know anything about computers.

Edit- And now the users come to scare me with their lack of ability to do anything without being told how three times and also the power of being really, really creepy.

Today I'm wishing I'd just stayed home.

Double Edit-

Stupid user- So you, like, print in color, right?
Me- We do have a color printer, yes.
Stupid user- So this means you can?
Me- Yes. Just change the printer to the one ending in 'C'.
Stupid user- Hmm, well I guess I'll have to go somewhere else then.
Me- . . . okay. Why?
Stupid user- Well I really need this in color.
Me- But we can print in color. You can do that here.
Stupid user- Then why did you tell me you couldn't?
Me- . . . I'm sorry if I was unclear. Why don't you go login to one of the computers and I'll help you get it printed in color.
Stupid user- So you can do it?
Me- Yes. Would you like help doing so?
Stupid user- I'll just come back later.
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Ah, college boys how you amuse me. Mel, one of the bosses over at the ACHD came by to print out her new fall schedule. She has to redo the entire thing because some boy came in today and told her that he was quitting because his mother told him to.

She also appricates the gift of glow. But who doesn't?
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My sister has discovered the magic of DDR. She now knows about its grading system. I predict something similar to the Yoshi's Island incident of '95 where she strove to get perfect scores on everything and spent a lot of time muttering under her breath before succeding. Ah, yes, Poochy is most assuredly very stupid. ::snicker:: I was entertained for days with that level.

I have work at 9:00am tomorrow. No more sleeping in. ~sigh~ And there are high-schoolers. Why did I agree to do this again?
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Why is it that Jim and John seem to think I'm an acceptable substitute for them when they are going to be away? I mean I don't even have keys to the building, let alone the ability to keep track of all the crap they do. Geez, the week after Spring Break is going to be really sucky. Why could they have not picked Erin (the other non brain dead person who works at ITS with a crap load of seniority) for the delightful task of making sure the labs don't a splode?


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