Jan. 13th, 2008

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But then I would have had to talk in front of people.

And for people interested in checking out the rest of the comic's archives and who won't be offended by the NSFW links to her life drawing sales and the fact that the rest of the comic often includes comments about one of the main character's boobs and the other main character's drunkenness the main page can be found here. Enjoy! Never say I don't occasionly share my webcomics with people.

(Granted, to get them all it's probably best to do what D did and just yank the links directly from my dana account when I get up to walk around the lab. It's much faster than waiting for me to compile a list. Especially since I seem to have misplaced the bloody thing.)

You may also have a link to the geek hierarchy because it is amusing and if I don't stick it here now I will forget about it later when I'm posting something that it sorta relates to.
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This sounds absoultely amazing.

If only school wasn't about to start; I might be able to find time to play the dang thing. And my poor Wii would get dusted off for the first time since Super Paper Mario. Yeah, I'm a bad, broke gamer who has been giving too much love to her DS. As it is I'm going to have to check to see if the numbers in my shiny things budget allow for this and GS4.


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