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I saw 21 catepillars while walking into class today. Since I generally only see one or two I have to wonder, where are they all coming from? Are they secretly stalking me in order to get to [ profile] tabkatta? Am I going to have to start worring about being dive-bombed when walking under trees, too?

Oh, and since I finally managed to locate it have the Gyakuten Saiban Monthly snapshot. Is that a young Marvin Grossberg I see on the right? Why yes, I do belive it is. And his associates Robert Hammond and Deigo Armando. XD
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Another month, another monthly snapshot.Enjoy!
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.... but testimony was perfectly good evidence before. I'm confused, did they have to go and create a ton of problems in their insane legal system just to make Phoenix a hobo? Also, Apollo is still a moron and I can prove it with evidence. Just like I could prove the entire case with evidence before he'd let me.

I really don't like case 4-3. It's nowhere near as tightly plotted as the other cases in the series and even ignores some of the precedents set in earlier cases--just so the legal system can be well and truly screwed up--I remember, vaguely, one of the Phoenix Wright games having a bit of dialogue that went something like "I may not have all the evidence needed to prove this but there's still one thing left. Testimony." Now, testimony is not enough, even if we have evidence that substantiates it because the witness might be lying. Ignoring that the prosecution often bases their cases off of witness testimony, ignoring the fact that I(or the defense attorney, if you'd rather) has proven plenty of things not only possible but that they had to have happened based on the actual evidence why is testimony now considered useless? What's the point in even having testimony if it can't be used as the basis for forming a case?

lkjndfnj;lsdflnk. I really hope 4-4 is better than the previous two cases. Because if not I'm going to have to go find the writers and smack them with well constructed mysteries until they can write something that is not so full of obvious contradictions.
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Yes, so spoilers for GS4 ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Apollo is a moron. He makes Phoenix I-showed-vital-evidence-to-the-person-I-knew-was-the-murderer-on-more-than-one-occasion-because-I-am-oblivious-to-the-world-around-me-and-it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-th-time Wright seem like some sort of genius. Things that should be obvious escape this guy. Things that are really, really obvious. Fortunately with the aide of his magic bracelet he can figure out that someone is lying so he knows that he should be presenting evidence.

On some of these occasions there are no "obvious" contradictions, but in most cases you already have the evidence necessary to point out the blatant contradiction. Apollo just lacks the ability to think things through: "Hey, the office was a shambles, there was this broken lamp with red lipstick that I have in evidence, a bullet lodged in the wall of the safe which I also happen to have here, and you were the only person other than the victim at the scene of the crime--hey I think I can prove that you're lying when you say that 'all you did was talk.'" I'm annoyed when the game makes me play stupid because it's one thing if I'm an idiot that can't figure out what to present where but if I can find a way to prove what happened based on the knowledge that the character I'm directing has I should be able to do it without waiting for an intervention of some sort. I was annoyed back in 1-2 when you had to wait for deus-ex-Mia to tell you to turn over the receipt, and I'm more annoyed now that the main character is forced to rely on finger twitches and not the evidence in the court record to figure out when someone is being less than truthful.

I know that they're trying to liven up game-play. But give me back the character portraits to present to people and give me back a lawyer who only has his head in the clouds half the time over the perceive system any day. It’s a poor substitute for the psychelocks considering it only comes up during cross-examinations and not during investigations and the contradictions are apparent to anyone that’s not Apollo anyway. Heck, even the prosecutor works to walk him through the problems with the witness’s testimony, the prosecutor that has a personal vendetta against our hero, even if he doesn’t really act like it. I really hope Apollo grows a brain sometime between now and the end of the game, because I love this series, it's full of awesome, and I don't want to be one of those fans that are all whiny 'cause they screwed with the cast.

Other side notes: I need to replay the intro to 4-3 to make sure that I'm remembering things in the right order, because if I really did pick up a certain object before the person that dropped said object entered the room I'll be really annoyed that I couldn't object to that--just because I'm good at doing things in the opposite order that I'm supposed to doesn't mean that it was impossible, and if I’m remembering things in the right order that should have been a really easy contradiction and we could have skipped three bits of testimony.

The games are still full of gay lawyers. Though there hasn’t yet been anything quite as bad as “I became a Defense Attorney for you” and “Thanks to you I’ve been saddled with unnecessary . . . feelings.” aka all the subtext between Phoenix and Edgeworth.

Did Gumshoe have some sort of rights to the Blue Badger? Because if so, I don't think he's living on the all instant noodle diet anymore and might even have more money than GodEdgeworth.

Someone should buy the Judge a hearing aide and see if that helps him figure out what’s going on.

I'd like to nominate Daryan Crescend for worst hair in an Ace Attorney game. Those of you who have played the series know that this is quite an accomplishment.
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I've just started Apollo Justice (thank you Erin for keeping Kyle from gnawing it open) and I must say I really prefer Phoenix as the Defense Attorney/ main character. Perhaps it's because my inner monologue and his a eerily similar at times, perhaps it's because Apollo is a little naïve and really, incredibly thick and perhaps it's because the writers decided to ::spoiler alert for the people who care and don't already have some knowledge of 4-1. Oh and spoilers for the first three games like woah:: decided to steal Phoenix's sense of fun with his badge. Hobo-Phoenix is a brilliant, manipulative bastard, who certainly likes toying with people and seems to have more of an idea of what the devil is going on, but he's lost that happy-go-lucky doormat, willing to push through anything no matter how insane (your honor I'm going to cross exam the parrot) to find the truth attitude that was so characteristic of him in the first three games.

I know we'll be getting back story as to how and why he lost his badge but I don't see him taking seven years to get to the bottom of it and fighting back. Because for him, the truth was always what came first no matter how much it sucked getting there, and how much pain it would cause to the people involved. (Look at the last case in the second game where he has to make the choice between the truth and convicting his client and Maya, granted you can pick either choice, and Franziska will still come save you at the end with the evidence Detective Scruffy collected but it's fairly obvious what choice goes best with the games' "finding the truth" theme. Not to mention the final case of 3-5 where he presses on until he proves Godot is the real murdered, even though his assistant was trying to protect the prosecutor.) I also can't see Phoenix forging evidence even to get to the truth, even after he lost his badge. It just doesn't fit with what we know of his character. Sure a lot can happen in seven years but . . . Phoenix Wright would have fought the wrongful charges of knowingly presenting forged evidence (since we already know from 1-5 that they don't care if you present forged evidence if it wasn't your fault and you thought it was real) he would have gotten his badge back (or not taken away at all) and then we wouldn't be in this particular mess seven years later. They'd better give some damn good reasons why he didn't do that.::End Spoilers::

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney just feels a lot more serious than the first three. Maybe it's the music which seems to be lacking in the happy upbeat racks (we wouldn't be seeing the Steel Samurai theme here) and focus on the more sombre, serious tracks. Theres less of a "oh crap I'm so completely screwed if I mess this up" feel to the piece of that plays when you're directed to point out contradictions in evidence and more of a relaxed "la de da we'll get there eventually" thing. Remember the 'Cornered' themes from the last three games, and how the music would take a definite upswing whenever you were getting close to breaking the witness the truth? Seems to be gone, at least in the first case. And the rest of the court suite music is all laid-back and doesn't seem to fit the series. Yeah, the games still have the trademark whacked-outedness what with Apollo's Chords of Steel, the rule that anyone Phoenix spends more than five minutes in a room with has to be completely nuts still holds true, and the Judge is still the Judge, but Apollo feels a lot more straight-laced than Phoenix ever was and a lot less capable of coping with insanity.

It's still fun, but I miss the old cast. I miss the old sound track. I hope the insanity increases, Apollo becomes less of a complete dork, and Phoenix finally has something go right for him. Because even if his life didn't suck on the same epic level that Edegeworth's did the man needs to go at least a decade without being charged with something he didn't do, have someone he cares about disappear, get accused of murder, die, or make him think they committed suicide. I swear the writers delight on fucking with the characters so much that you just want to scream, wait, let something good happen to them for a change, I thought Phoenix Wright supposedly had extraordinarily good luck!

Now, excuse me while I spend the next week with the DS propped up in front of my face, narrowly avoiding running into lampposts, walking past my house at night, complaining and generally enjoying the heck out of myself.
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For those of you who share my obsession with love of the Phoenix Wright universe here is this month's snapshot for White Day. This is supposed to be a response to last month's Valentine's Day picture.

I love the little details that are in these pictures. Larry looking smug as he serves Franziska in the background about to upset tea all over his own head, the candlesticks that wouldn't have looked out of place in Redd White's office, Maya fangriling over cake, Pearls fangirling over Edgeworth in a tuxedo . . .

For those of you who don't speak Japanese (or are lazy and not even close to the level of skill that would let you translate that with ease and don't want to bother with translating it yourselves . . .though I might make the attempt to do it myself instead of poking at my French homework) the artist's comments are:

This picture has been made for the White Day, in response to Valentine´s Day´s pic. As you can see, Edgeworth is serving Maya and Pearls a cake because they gave him some chocolate. The Steel Samurai figurine is made by Larry.
Franziska has been invited too... Maybe she gave Larry some chocolate?
About Nick..."

The artist then talks about his own likes and dislikes blah blah...

And then, the final sentence: "Whatever Edgeworth serves, he looks simply stunning"
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. . . and so do you. Someone has taken the time, trouble and effort to compile all the music from the Phoenix Wright games here. Including the fancy jazz and orchestra versions. Is anyone else disturbed that the title of Gant's theme is Swimming, anyone?? Maybe it's just because I find that character so disturbing. He's all . . . orange.

Off to go take my anthropology final! Hooray for teachers who don't want to be on campus at 7:30 in the morning to administer a test and so stick it online. (Wish me luck on the wonderful multiple guess test!)
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The high-schoolers are wailing. What the . . .?

In other, slightly less disturbing, news I've been giving my DS the attention it deserves recently. Erin was kind enough to loan me the second Phoenix Wright game and I just have to say: I feel very sorry for Phoenix. His life sucks on an epic scale. Everyone close to him is a complete fruit bat and they suck him into their insanity. Being privy to his internal dialogue and having it echo my internal dialogue is kinda creepy, but also amusing.

So if you enjoy snark, point and click adventure type games, logic, and people who have it worse off then you go find a copy of this game. Now!

I also went out and bout Children of Mana for the DS. I haven't popped it in yet but I'll let you know how I like it. But since it's a Square-Enix game even if it "sucks for them" it will still be playable and better than a great portion of the games out there.


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